Car manufacturer Mazda uses true craftsmanship to add human emotion to its product. Full-size clay models and handcrafted moulds give the product that little bit of added emotion and personality. The human touch complementing computer technology.

But no humans need to be involved in translating texts, do they? Surely these days, you can simply leave it to the machines, can’t you?  DGtranslations has given this some thought…

…and has news for you on that score. Whatever the advances in technology, in terms of emotion, machine translations can never beat human translations. Emotions develop and change continuously, and may be expressed and interpreted differently in different contexts. Take the use of language on Twitter, which can be coarser than in other media, at the same time expressing more and stronger emotions.

DGtranslations is well aware of this. Marketing texts are written for a variety of media and each medium has its own language style. We consult with the client and our translation team to ensure that the style of the original marketing text is reflected in the target language in the relevant media channel. But is that enough? Yes and no.

“Yes” if, in terms of culture, the country of the source language is similar to the country of the target language. But if the answer is “No”, DGT goes one step further. Say a large Japanese company wishes to sell its products on the European market. In our experience, Japanese companies are generally relatively conservative and modest in marketing texts about their company and products. We can, of course, ensure that this is reflected in the translations. But for the Dutch market, for example, the Japanese product may need a stronger message – and may have to blow its trumpet with a few more superlatives – to achieve the required impact. This is known as localization, which requires familiarity with the country, the culture and the language. The translator has to be immersed in, and have an affinity for, all three of these aspects. This is precisely why our translators live and work in the country of the target language. It is also crucial for them to be on top of the subject they are writing about.

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