How we achieve success in several specialist sectors

Working for several specialist sectors means knowing the subjects and processes inside out, and having a passion for the client’s business…

The Technical Sector

“We even have specialist translators without specific linguistic training”

The technical industry is the fastest growing sector worldwide. It operates across all borders, creating new developments and new partnerships at breakneck speed. In this sector especially, marketeers and copywriters of technical documentation need fast, high-quality language solutions. These multilingual solutions must be completely compatible with their own systems and help the client to communicate effectively in order to stay ahead of the game.

Leading technology companies often have their own special language and need reliable localisation partners. Partners that are not only experts in the local language, but can also translate the companies’ unique and specific terminology. Our top priority in selecting translators for this sector is their technical training or background, because only then can they understand what they are translating. And of course, we have excellent linguists to add the finishing touches.

The Legal Sector

“Is translating your job or ours? Trust the experts and outsource your language tasks!”

In legal translations, precision is of crucial importance. Translations have to be 100% faithful to the originals, with the details and terminology exactly right. Translating legal documents is not the same as translating, say, a website. DGT pays as much attention to detail in the translation of a legal text as you did for the original document. So just relax and leave it to us.

The Financial Sector

“Never change a winning team!”

Financial services are a worldwide industry that is active 24/7 and must be able to communicate with all markets.

DG Translations has developed extremely reliable and innovative language solutions for the financial sector. These meet the specific need for fast and accurate translations by expert financial and economic translators.

If we have found a ‘perfect match’ between a client and a translator, we will do all we can to ensure that the translator is available for your projects.

The Medical Sector

“Our translators are just what the doctor ordered”

Any medical procedure can be daunting, especially if the patient does not speak the same language as the medical team. The ability to provide fast, accurate, sensitive and cost-effective language solutions, without compromising care, is therefore crucial for the care sector. At DGT, we deliver high-quality translations to health care professionals – just what the doctor ordered.

Translation agency DGT: active in many sectors, top priorities are real knowledge of the subjects and a passion for the client’s business…

At DG Translations (DGT), we have won many large contracts since we started in 1985. One secret of our success is our ability to show prospective clients how we will meet their needs and quality requirements.  Our major clients come from a wide range of sectors – Legal, Marketing, Technical, Medical, and Government. We meet their high demands on quality – in some cases in more than 50 language combinations – thanks to our strong network of subject specialists and linguists. We have always succeeded in selecting translators with the relevant expertise and process experience to work efficiently with our clients.

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