Hey there, regarded partners and translation seekers!

Ever wondered about the mechanics behind our translation pricing?

Let’s unravel the mystique of word rates – the very bedrock of our craft.

Imagine us as linguistic architects, meticulously reshaping ideas across languages. Much like a master chef prices their dishes, we value our work per word. It’s the essence that infuses life into our translations.

Now, picture this: if we transformed these word rates into hourly charges, you’d be amazed at the value. Imagine savoring meticulously crafted translations of the utmost quality without an extravagant cost.

However, here’s a word of caution. Beware of agencies flaunting rock-bottom word rates. More often than not, they’re dishing out translations as genuine as fool’s gold. They’re likely relying on machines, stripping away the finesse that makes us – DG translations – shine.

Allow me to tell an insider’s insight: the genesis of our word rates stems from a derivation of the translator’s hourly rate divided by the number of words they can adeptly weave within an hour. It’s this careful calibration that enables us to offer you a blend of excellence and economy.

So, please remember, dear clients, our word rates are the foundation of excellence. When tempted by rates that seem too good to be true, remember that quality takes time and expertise. At DG translations, we’re your guardians of linguistic integrity, ensuring every word resonates authentically.

Yours in Quality,


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