Local content is hot!

Your Value Proposition is crucial – if it is good, people will take the time to read more about your product; if not, they will quickly leave. An effective, tried-and-tested value proposition will give your business a huge boost.

Value Propositions are also much stronger when combined with local content, especially content in the target group’s language.

Localisation is the magic word in our translation agency. DGtranslations HAS THOUGHT ABOUT IT…

Gone are the days when you could hope to create content that is universally applicable to all the regions where your main target groups are located.

You need local content that resonates with your target groups and language is a powerful tool for getting your message across and highlighting your USP. Not only that, but it is also essential for SEO.

Using local content will convey your message more effectively and boost your position in the results of local search engines.

So local content marketing can be a very successful part of your marketing activities.

This means going beyond a standard translation. Write the local content in your target group’s native language. Localise the text and ensure that the unwritten rules are visible in the way in which the text is created. What can or cannot be said in that country or region? What jokes or wordplay work there?

DGtranslations has translators who know your subject inside out – they speak your ‘language’. They also live and work where your target group is located and are steeped in that language and culture. The target language is their mother tongue and languages live and evolve, so our translators live this language. They have studied languages at a high level and know exactly what they can and cannot write. This is the best approach for SEO, powerful communication and your Value Proposition!

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